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Wrought Iron

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Кованая ваза

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Wrought Iron.

     Wrought Iron, this is a topic that interests many visitors. What is it, forged products and what they are. What can be considered as forged products and what can be wrong to associate them. Let's look at the theme in more detail, especially since you went to the site of forging, and we are the studio forged products. Who else but us to answer such questions. So forged products - this is a very broad concept. We can say that it is used much more frequently than would be worth. This happens because people often do not know what to call what they are looking for. I think that in the broadest sense of the term, forged products can be called any of the products, suggesting its involvement in the manufacture of the method of processing the metal as a forging. That is, the product should at least be a metal (iron), otherwise it can not be forged. From what is metal, it should be made? In fact, forge technology, the technology of metal, can be applied to all metals. Including the precious. It is very rare, but there are forged out of gold and silver. Another thing is that in the jewelry business is forging a rare and exotic technology, there reigns casting. Indeed, working with low-melting metals, it makes little sense to bother other technologies, especially as to articles of precious metals predyavlyayutsya mostly just decorative requirements. Therefore, in forging the jewelry business is considered only as a decorative technique. For steel products the situation is quite different. Steel is much harder to melt and cast steel itself, allows to obtain product specifications, technical properties that do not always satisfy the customer. Especially when it comes to technical products used in industry. And then comes to the aid of technology of forging parts. This particular area attracts relatively little attention from non-professionals. But in fact it is here that there is a "technological edge" as forging method gives products with very unique characteristics. General public, curious about the forge and a great interest in her as a hobby, focus their attention on a rather primitive segment forging - forging home. Of course, that is practiced more beautiful language, not domestic, and artistic forging. So it sounds better, and an object of interest at once ennobled. Purely psychological moment. Naturally, the domestic forging is also needed, useful, and really has a lot of interesting, even fascinating aspects, but rather a visual and decorative nature. You can say otherwise: the need for forged products everyday (not industrial) designation due to the desire of customers to have a fully functional working order products from metal, such that for all its functionality and still have to have an ornamental value.

    Where do I get metal smiths? There is no romantic source of all our metal smiths go on and buy what is called - metal profiles. Plain metal rod. With it most convenient to work in the smithy, and precisely because it is easy to obtain the perfect piece. Which rod? There is no difference in principle, but suggest prejudices to work primarily with a rod of square section. This prejudice, round rod is not worse. In principle, "the hungry years" blacksmiths are working quietly and with the armature. Working with other kinds of metal profiles are rare. For example, forged products from sheet metal, angle and so on - are rare, but often it's really artistic forging. The situation when the scope of the usual solutions are close, familiar and materials may no longer be the means of expression. I personally always try to pay attention to the custom forged products - this is an interesting experiment. Forged products for the home or the street, strictly speaking, no better and no stronger than a simple metal products, but they look forged fundamentally beautiful and interesting. Why? This is due to deformation of the metal, which are carried out at a blacksmith's work. The blacksmith can beat (raskovat) metal rod, nice twist it, bend unexpectedly, and as a result we get a brand new feature that visually perceive as an individual art work. For us is not too important purpose of this detail is important psychological effect arises when looking at the wrought product. That is why there is another extreme. When a blacksmith, making forged products, as it implies that they must be uncomfortable to use application. For example, there is such as forged fireplace set. Have you tried to use forged or forged shovel tongs for coals? Try it and you'll realize that it is primarily decorative forged, lost much of its functionality. Although these look forged sometimes surprising and fascinating originality and beauty of his performance - see our photo album: forged photos.

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